About us  

Our company was founded in the beginning of the year 2014. Its main activity is projection, servicing, production and implementation of stable fire protection equipment. Company’s headquarter is located in Prague - Horní Počernice, but its scope covers the entire territory of the Czech Republic. The company's goal is to achieve long-term prosperity, development and stability. Here you’ll find a fire protection solution for 99% of industries, from production to final storage, also for hotel buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings and many other buildings where there is a risk of fire and where the protection of persons, objects and technologies is necessary. Fire protection is often build up according to law today, but it is always a sensible decision to install a stable fire protection to protect you against high losses due to the effects of the fire, as it detects and disintegrates the fire in its initial phase, making this system much more efficient than any other.   

Company’s main focus is to implement its program, which is to ensure the complexity of the services provided in the area of stabile firefighting protection from design, up to manufacture, delivery, assembly, commissioning and inspection including warranty and post-warranty services.  

Our portfolio

Water based fire protection  

The main advantage of this system is that it reacts automatically to the fire and starts to extinguish before the fire expands. Water used as a extinguishing medium is the oldest and most widespread type of extinguishing medium. Water is an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent, it is the cheapest extinguishing medium and last but not least, it has excellent cooling effects.  

Gas based fire protection  

Gas based fire protection is mainly used in industry as a technology protection. It is a system that is environmentally friendly and safe for technological devices which doesn’t harm. It is mainly installed in areas where water or foam equipment can’t be used or where such alternatives would cause more damage to property.  

Foam based fire protection  

This system is primarily used in chemical industries, where it reliably fuses fire flammable liquids.  


A to Z delivery services.  


Our company has its own projection department of specialists with many years of experience in the field of stabile fire protection devices. We offer processing of project documentation in a wide range of both local and foreign industry standards. Our workplace is equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment. Hydraulic calculations, imaging technology in 2D and 3D are delivered within our projects. We also provide different stages of project (from the building permit to the actual implementation project).  


All delivery of prefabricated parts is realized in our own workshop and in our own powder paint shop, where the parts are painted according to the investor's wish.  


Our company carries out complete delivery and installation of stabile and semi-stabile fire protection devices. Installation is done using certified components, e.g. Tyco, Victalic, Sikla, Hilti. We always deliver full stabile fire protection devices solution, including fire protection engine room, commissioning and operation training. Installation is carried out according to valid ČSN EN 12 845, VDS, FM and NFPA regulations.  


Our company carries out comprehensive service and inspection of the operational reliability of fire safety equipment, specializing mainly in water stabile fire protection. These checks are carried out in accordance with applicable regulations. We provide service and regular inspections according to the degree and the requirements of the local fire bureaus, insurance companies and investors. Such inspections are specified by check and control requirements. As part of these inspections, we also provide training for the operators and other persons responsible for the operation and maintenance of our equipment.  


Sprinkler Group provides projection, production, implementation and service of stable fire protection equipment. Our company is certified by the Technical Institute and we also own Pavus certificate and we also meet the ISO 9001 standard requirements.  

Our most prominent references include:  


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